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Food safety standard authority of India(FSSAI) is a government body started online application system name as Food Licensing Registration System(FLRS) to facilitate Food Business Operator(FBO) to apply for fssai registration / fssai state license / fssai central license certificate as per firm turnover and FBO can track application on FLRS system with reference number provided by FSSAI during filing application. After approval of registration/license, Department will send fssai registration certificate or license copy to FBO on email, provided by FBO to FLRS System. In whole process, FSSAI Department will take maximum 75 working days. FBO can file application through fssai license consultant under system of FLRS for maximum 5 years .

Eligibility of Fssai - Food License:

Fssai registration : Turnover Upto 12 Lacs (Valid All India)

Fssai State License : Turnover 12 Lacs to 20 Crores (Valid All India)

Fssai Central License : Turnover more than 20 Crores (Valid All India)

Quick Enquiry OR CALL: 9717712008

Advantage of Fssai License / Fssai Registration / Food License.

1. Fssai Department is a Central Department, no any involvement of states of India.

2. Fssai License valid for five years, Not vary every year for renew.

3. As per your business requirement, You can know easily where you fall.

4. Fssai online now through FLRS System.

5. Fssai licensing process is very easy as per department but you need to hire professional or Fssai License Consultant.

Time Involved

The Whole Process will take around 2-3 days

Fssai Food License will receive within 1 Month.



1.   Self attested Copy of PAN Card of all the Partners/proprietor/Directors.

2.   Self attested Copy of ADDRESS PROOF of all the Partners/proprietor/Directors.

3.   Passport Size Photographs of all the Partners/proprietor/Directors.

4.   Copy of Firm Registration Proof

6.   Copy of Current Electricity Bill/Water Bill/House Tax Etc of the premises

7.   If the Property is Rented, then Rent Agreement.

8.   GST Registration Certificate as local certificate.


  1. Kind of business
  2. Name of the Applicant/Company
  3. Designation
  4. Mobile no
  5. email
  6. address of premises
  7. Description of the food items proposed to be Manufactured or sold
  8. Total Annual turnover from the food business, if existing, alongwith any supporting document(s) showing proof of income
  9. In case of new business - intended date of start
  10.  In case of seasonal business, state the opening and closing period of the year"
  11. Source of water supply
  12. Whether any electric power is used in manufacture of the food items

1. Fssai Fees Receipt as a temporary fssai license after fees pay to department.

2. FSSAI Registration Certificate or Fssai License Certificate will get on registered mail id within 10 working days.

Q :How much time DO takes to scrutinize the fssai online application?

Ans.: Time prescribed for scrutinization by DO is 75 working days from final submission of application.

Q : What does operating more than one state means?

Ans : If FBO has the food business’s premises situated in two or more state.

Q : Can expired food license be renewed?

Ans: Yes, but within a month with additional fees.

Q : Which Kind of business should be selected under Fssai Registration or Fssai License?

Ans: If you are manufacturer, Repacker & Relabeller then select from these kind of business according to your products-

1. Dairy Unit including milk chilling units.( for milk industry)

2. Vegetable oil processing unit.( For edible oil, refined oil solvent extracted oil & edible Fat products producer)

3. Slaughtering Unit.

4. Meat processing Unit.

5. All food processing unit including relabeller & repacker. ( for all food processing unit other than mention above) For other business select appropriate business , which will be carried out at the premise for which license is being applied from the available list. It may be more than one kind of business.

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